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Residential Snowmelt (Heated Driveway) Systems

Winter can be challenging in southern Ontario. Snowmelt systems (aka heated driveway systems) improve access and safety around your home. Front steps, walkways and driveways can all be protected from snow and ice build up.

We design and build these heating systems using automated controls that incorporate predictive weather forecasting that will consistently deliver the best results while reducing the cost of operation significantly. Our motto and goal is that “ the first snowflake must melt on contact when it lands” on the driveway or other areas under control. Snowmelt systems that are not regulated by an automated control system will perform poorly and inevitably consume more energy to operate. Click on the link below to receive a quote or inquiry about our snowmelt services. 

A gas fired boiler is used as the heating source. From there a solution of warm water and propylene glycol is circulated through a series of 5/8” PEX tubing loops. These circuits will be imbedded in a layer of concrete before the top layer of asphalt, stone or brick is constructed.

Heated driveway systems are usually built as part of the original new home construction. However, it is also possible to upgrade existing driveways and walkways. The snowmelt system can be controlled by a WiFi device that monitors online weather forecasts and can activate and preheat the driveway to insure a quicker and more energy efficient response when snow arrives.

Tired of shovelling snow and salting your walkway to remove built up ice? If you are concerned about removing a slipping hazard on your property or if you simply want unrestricted access on a 24 x 7 basis then you may want to consider a snowmelt system in your construction plans. Click below and let’s talk. 

We offer innovative design and high quality construction for snowmelt systems.
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