Quantum Energy Solutions is a leading provider of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in Southern Ontario

HVAC Permit Package – Residential Heating Systems

Quantum Energy Solutions has a team of BCIN certified designers, professional engineers and specialized consultants available to design custom residential heating systems. In our minds it all begins with a good understanding of the client’s requirements and then the translation of those requirements into a quality set of HVAC design drawings. We prefer to get involved in each new project as early as possible in the overall process even before the architectural drawings are completed. We will invest time to meet with you and believe this is a critically important stage in the overall design / build process.

With our special interest in renewable energy systems our company is well-positioned to work with architects, builders and homeowners who share our interest in constructing intelligently designed homes that will use renewable energy to provide outstanding operating efficiencies.

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Our expertise in all areas of residential heating and cooling systems has been developed through a partnership of several independent design companies. Our goal is to offer a complete range of HVAC consulting and design services.

Once the architectural plans are finalized we can complete all the HVAC design work and prepare the permit package at a very competitive price. More importantly, particularily in larger homes where the zoning and design requirements become more complex, our energy modelling services can optimize the HVAC design, identify appropriate building materials and typically reduce contruction costs. With this integrated approach we can construct a heating and cooling system that will deliver high energy efficient and operational savings.

A well considered and intelligent heating design is critically important in the overall process of building an energy efficient new residence that will deliver a high level of comfort and operating efficiency to the homeowners for many years to come.

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