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Design / Build – Solar PV Systems for Custom Homes

Collecting solar energy and generating electrical power from a rooftop solar array can make a significant contribution towards building a highly energy efficient home. We work with homeowners, architects and many builders to develop an energy plan that will reflect our client’s needs and that often means integrating a solar PV system into the overall energy design for their new residence.

Quantum Energy Solutions offers an excellent range of solar PV equipment, including inverters and battery storage devices along with a range of solar panels and solar shingle systems. Our consultants can explain available equipment options and recommend a cost competitive design to meet the requirements and characteristics of the home and construction budget. 

On some city lots we must consider the shade created by large trees as a possible restriction on the ultimate design and generating capacity of the solar PV system. Orientation of the house, roof design, structural consideration and roof area are other important factor that may dictate certain aspects of the design.

In 2020 Quantum Energy Solutions completed an exciting new distribution agreement to begin supplying  and installing “building integrated  photo-voltaic” (aka – BIPV) solar shingle roofing solutions. This has added an appealing new option to the current range of solar energy solutions. Operating efficiency, cost competitiveness, capacity and aesthetics are all considered as design factors  when talking with new clients about their solar PV system.

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Assuming the site conditions are favourable, let’s take it a step farther. The combined benefits of employing both solar and geothermal renewables are excellent.

Heat pumps are highly efficient and can generate over 4 kW of heating (or cooling ) capacity for every 1 kW of electricity consumed. Those required kilowatts of electricity can be collected and supplied by a solar array on site and efficiently used to run the pumps and motor within each heat pump.

By using the geothermal energy stored in the ground as the (renewable energy) source and then powering that geothermal system using electricity generated from a (renewable energy) solar system, it is possible to build homes that can generate as much power as they use on an annual basis (net zero).

In fairness, this is a simplified description of a complex design / build process. Using renewables to build highly energy efficient home is great but it also requires the use of progressive construction techniques, quality material and skilled trades to build these houses successfully.

Consider your options. If you want to know more complete an evaluation and let’s talk.

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