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Design / Build – Solar PV Systems for Custom Homes

Collecting solar energy and generating electrical power from a rooftop solar array can make a significant contribution towards building a highly energy efficient home. We work with homeowners, architects and many builders to develop an energy plan that will reflect our client’s needs. That often means integrating a solar PV system into the overall energy design for their new residence.

Our consultants can explain available equipment options and recommend a cost competitive design to meet the requirements and characteristics of your home and your  construction budget.

Geothermal heat pumps are highly efficient and can generate over 4 kW of heating (or cooling) capacity for every 1 kW of electricity consumed. Those required kilowatts of electricity can be collected and supplied by a solar PV array on your roof and efficiently used to run the electrical equipment inside each heat pump.

We often work with clients and their architect long before construction begins. Roof design, structural loads, shade analysis and aesthetics are typical topics for review.

To continue, on some city lots we must consider the shade created by large trees as a possible restriction on output (generating capacity) of the solar PV system. Orientation of the house, roof design, structural consideration and roof area are other factor that may dictate certain aspects of the design.

Later, once construction has started we will coordinate and schedule the installation of the system with your builder to help keep his overall schedule moving ahead efficiently.

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Quantum Energy Solutions continues to advocate for the use of residential solar PV and geothermal heating and cooling systems. We encourage you to consider including these renewable energy resources when designing your new home. Many of our past clients have contracted with us to install both solar PV and geothermal systems as part of their overall plan to reduce the operating cost and carbon footprint of their future homes.

At Quantum, one of our core specialties is designing and installing solar PV arrays for single family homes. In Ontario there are government guidelines that limit how much electricity can be self-generated and sold back to the electrical power grid. This buy / sell arrangement is referred to as net-metering.

If you are building your home on land that is zoned for agricultural land (ie: zoned “A1”) you may be permitted to install a ground mounted array. If applicable, please mention this to us in the notes section of your inquiry form.

While your output may be limited there are still variables to consider when designing the array. We look at each new property and assess the orientation, shade from large trees and review the architectural design of your roof. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are familiar with the application process and zoning restrictions and will design a system that is optimized for your property.

By installing solar PV systems on residential properties, we help homeowners tap into a clean and virtually unlimited source of power. This translates to substantial reductions in energy bills and a positive environmental impact.

In addition to solar energy, we also offer cutting-edge battery storage solutions. These systems allow you to store excess energy generated during the day for use during nighttime or cloudy days. This not only enhances your energy self-sufficiency but also provides peace of mind during power outages.

Some clients also require further protection from power interruptions and will require a backup generator. Our backup generators are designed to seamlessly kick in when the grid goes down, ensuring your home remains powered and secure.

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, we have you covered as well. Our range of EV chargers for homes enables you to charge your electric vehicle conveniently and efficiently from your garage.

The combined benefits of employing both solar and geothermal renewables are excellent.

By choosing Quantum Energy Solutions, you’re not just investing in a renewable energy system, you’re investing in a sustainable future and a cleaner and greener planet. Our solar PV systems and related technologies are built to operate effectively and efficiently for decades to come. 

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