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Geothermal Systems – Energy Efficient Homes

As noted earlier, we all recognize the importance of designing and operating our homes efficiently. Many homeowners also consider the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their future home as an important design criteria.

Quantum Energy Solutions, in association with our partner company Quantum Geothermal has developed an expertise in the design and construction of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new custom residences. We often encourage our clients to evaluate this option and consider building their home with a highly energy efficient design that consumes renewable (vs. fossilized) energy resources.

Our primary goal is to provide a high quality, reliable geothermal heating and cooling system that results in the total satisfaction of our customers. Quality design and workmanship along with quality products are critical to achieving this goal. Equipment selection, the use of durable materials and the correct fabrication of the geoexchange ground loop are all important.

The industry has standardized on the use of extruded HDPE (high density polyethylene) piping for all geoexchange ground loop systems. We use only CSA 448 approved pipe for all our installations. Once the pipe is properly installed in the ground it is effectively permanent and can be expected to function without any further intervention or maintenance for over one hundred years.

At the heart of each geothermal installation is one or more heat pumps. A heat pump in simple terms can be thought of as a single piece of equipment that replaces the need for both a furnace and an outdoor AC unit. There are superior and inferior equipment choices for homeowners to consider. As a homeowner there is a range of quality levels and price points available to you. First we look to understand your requirements and preferences. Quantum Energy Solutions strives to provide intelligently designed heating system and will recommened only appropriate and best quality equipment. The informed consumer needs to recognize that there are equipment choices to be made which can impact the overall effectiveness of any new operating system. When building a new home this is an important factor.

The ground loop is like a renewable energy battery that never losses it’s charge. There is an abundance of thermal energy stored in the ground to provide the heat source for your home throughout the winter months. During the summer months the same pipe is used to cool the house by taking excess thermal energy (heat) out of the home and depositing it back into the ground. In this case, the ground loop acts as a heat sink for the dissipation of unwanted thermal energy. For more information this topic, please follow this link : The Pipe

The final consideration in the design of a geothermal heating and cooling system is to determine the most appropriate configuration of the ground loop. Often the deciding factor will be the size and topography of the property itself. We design and install vertical loops, horizontal loops and (occasionally) lake or pond loops. All these systems use the same HDPE pipe, although the loop lengths and configurations will vary.
For more information this topic, please follow these links :
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