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Vertical Ground Loops – For Homes in the City

Quantum Energy Solutions has developed an expertise for drilling in urban areas within Toronto and around the GTA.  Most urban infill projects do not have a large enough area to accomodate a horizontal ground loop, so only a vertically drilled ground loop can be installed. During the early decades of development some experimentation with the materials used for all configurations of ground loop systems was explored. Systems using a variety of plastic or metal piping materials were designed and installed and some were demonstrated to be functional. However, durability and chemical stability in the underground environment proved to be critically important to the viability of any design. Over time the industry standardized on the use of extruded HDPE (high density polyethylene) piping for all geoexchange ground loop systems. Quantum Energy Solutions uses only CSA 448 approved HDPE pipe for all our installations. Once the pipe is properly installed in the ground it is effectively permanent and can be expected to function without any further intervention or maintenance for over one hundred years. Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system can literally be an investment that will last a lifetime. 

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We have installed hundreds of vertically drilled ground loop systems using this standard extruded HDPE piping and have never had a system breakdown, leak or become dysfunctional in any way. That is not to say that there are no documented cases of geothermal ground loop systems failing. There have been situations where either substandard materials or poor workmanship has led to problems and it is an unfortunate mark on the industry that this has occurred. However, without exception the root cause of these problems can always be traced back to the involvement of either an inexperienced or unscrupulous contracting company.

Properly designed and installed, the ground loop will deliver an abundance of energy capable of providing a renewable heat source for your home throughout the winter months. During the summer months the same pipe is used to cool the house by taking excess thermal energy (heat) out of the home and depositing it back into the ground. In this case, the ground loop acts as a heat sink for the dissipation of unwanted thermal energy. The heat transfer from the ground into your home during the winter months is equally as effective as the transfer of heat out of your home and back into the ground during the cooling season.

Once the drilling is completed to the required depth a continous loop of geothermal piping is inserted into each borehole. Next a bentonite grout material is pumped down the holes to encase the pipes and improve the thermal transfer properties of the system. The grout also acts to seal the boreholes and protect against any migration or contamination of the ground water and aquifers in the area.

Once this process is completed a pressure test is applied to confirm the integrity of the system. Later when we return to install the heat pump(s) the system will be purged of air and filled water. Added into the water is a 20% solution of an antifreeze material (ethanol is the recommended material and standard in Ontario) and then the system is sealed and can be commissioned.

Almost all the geoexchange ground loop systems installed in Ontario are “closed loop” systems. This means the system is self contained and the fluid inside the piping system will be recirculated over and over again without the need to add or replenish any material.

We offer an unparalleled level of quality workmanship. Our drilling crew is experienced and always fully compliant with all local regulatory requirements. 
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