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Floor Heating – For Custom Homes

As noted on the previous page, we often install floor warming systems to improve the comfort level within our client’s homes. We also design residential heating systems where the primary heating of the house is done through the floors. This design approach is referred to as “floor heating” and is not to be confused with “floor warming”. Floor warming systems offer additional comfort and provide a secondary source of heat within the home. Those systems  are meant to work in conjunction with an HVAC system of ductwork. By contrast, a floor heating system will be designed to fully meet the heating requirements of the residence and will function as the primary heating system. 

Residences that use a floor heating system may still have an air distribution system of ductwork but the primary heating source will be the floors. Exhaust venting and code requirements for air exchange must still be included in the HVAC design.

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Quantum Energy Solutions may recommend either a boiler or a geothermal heat pump as the heat source depending on the client’s preference and requirements.

The construction of a floor heating system is similar to a floor warming system in that loops of PEX tubing are laid out in circuits to distribute the heat to the various living spaces within the home. However, since this is the primary heating system virtually all of the floors in the home will be heated.

Quantum Energy Solutions has years of experience designing and installing radiant floor heating systems in the GTA and surrounding area. We look forward to receiving an inquiry from you and will listen to your questions and requirments and then look to work with you to develop a suitable design. After the design is completed we can provide experienced and qualified contractors to complete the installation and commissioning of the system.

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