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Highly Energy Efficient Homes and Net Zero Homes

2020 is behind us, 2030 and beyond approach.

Designing and building smarter homes is both exciting and a responsibility. Homeowners, architects, designers, builders and trade contractors all have roles that can positively contribute towards making new homes smarter and more energy efficient. We believe that collectively all of us who become involved in the process of building new custom homes have both an obligation and the privilege to participate with forward thinking. There are many ways to reduce energy consumption by improving the design and construction of new homes and buildings.

Right from the start of the design process we believe it is important to develop a specific plan for each new home with the comfort and well being of the homeowners as a priority. Constructing a residence that is comfortable and energy efficient should always be the goal.

Hopefully you would agree that designing an energy efficient home should be an important part of the overall plan. Design concepts and construction methods are developing and improving constantly. We advocate for this constant advancement and we recommend the use of renewables in many applications. Smart homes must be energy efficient homes. Anything else would be hypocrisy.

Energy modeling and HVAC design may not be fascinating topics for general discussion but most of our clients understand how valuable an intelligently designed heating and cooling design can be. Comfortable temperatures, consistent excellent indoor air quality for all seasons, efficient energy use and dependability all matter.

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