Quantum Energy Solutions is a leading provider of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in Southern Ontario

Contracting Services – Residential Heating and Cooling Systems

Once a well conceived set of architectural and structural plans have been approved and granted a building permit, the challenge becomes maintaining  that high level of design intention throughout the construction phase of the project. For some new projects we will assemble a team of qualified contractors  to complete the construction of the heating and cooling systems. On some projects we will coordinate our activities with those of the home builder and function as a sub-contractor.  Either way, a rigorous project management protocol must be maintained to insure the successful construction of the new residence.

Quantum Energy Solutions is an integrated design / build company offering contracting services and project management with a focus and expertise in all areas of residential heating and cooling systems.

Our contracting services include :

  • geothermal ground loop installation
  • geothermal lake and pond loop installation
  • radiant floor warming system installation
  • HVAC contracting for the installation of ductwork
  • indoor pool design and installation
  • snowmelt design and construction
  • supply of heating / cooling equipment (typically heap pumps and boilers)
  • heating and dehumidification equipment (for pools)
  • hybrid systems (geothermal with natural gas or propane components working in complement)
  • solar system installation (on selected projects)

A properly designed and installed heating and cooling system can bring significant improvements to the operating efficiency, air quality and carbon footprint of a new custom home. As is true with many other aspects of the overall construction project, each heating system requires that a thoughtful design be constructed by a team of contractors who are skilled and accountable. Quantum Energy Solutions has built a reputation for bringing a high quality and cost competitive solution to each new project. The challenge is to execute a well conceived plan without compromise.

Again, through our network of associated contractors and tradesmen we assemble a team of skilled and dedicated contractors to best suit the requirements of each construction project.

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