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Custom Home Construction – Consulting Services

There can be unique advantages for clients who elect to use our consulting services. We can address specific questions, explain various design options and add perspective that you may not otherwise be offered.

When planning to build a custom home you may find value in having an advocate or coach who will walk with you during the entire process from concept design and permitting through to construction and occupancy. 

This means you can receive input on heating design concepts, assistance with material selections, perspective on comparable costs or even an evaluation of competitive proposals. In our capacity as consultants we strive to create a working partnership with our clients based on an open dialogue that is meant to assist them throughout the design and construction of their new residence.

Our expertise extends to all aspects of residential heating and cooling systems. We are often engaged by clients purely for the purpose of preparing a heating and cooling concept and system design which they need for obtaining a building permit. The result is an intelligent, customized set of mechanical drawings that not only meet or exceed the building code requirements but also are conceived with the client’s personal preferences and requirements fully represented. This form of consultation may provide us with a mandate to design and prepare documentation only.

In a different scenario, we may work with our clients and their builder to provide energy modeling and then evaluate various heating design options and their energy efficiencies. Intelligently designed homes become energy efficient homes. At Quantum Energy Solutions we know that proper design is critical to create proper function. We understand that it is entirely possible to significantly improve the operating performance (and reduce the carbon footprint) of a new home while at the same time building a home that will satisfy our client’s requirements and expectations for comfortable living and superior air quality throughout the seasons.

We listen and consult and we may provoke a thoughtful discussion that can lead to a very well designed heating and cooling system for yoru new home. There is value in having an independent and informed consultant familiar with building science and renewable energy options working on your design team. We advocate for many of the advanced energy solutions now being offered by progressive architects and builders. Understanding that information and knowing where best to use it is important. Click on the link below. We can help.

If any of this sounds relevant to your situation it could be beneficial to contact us.
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