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 Geothermal Heating and Cooling –
New Custom Homes

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are composed of three fundamental elements – the ground loop designed to exchange thermal energy with the earth, one or more heat pump(s) designed to concentrate that energy into a useable form and a distribution system of ductwork or PEX piping to circulate air or water within the home to heat or cool the various living spaces.

Ground Loop
There are several different configurations of geothermal ground loop piping systems that can be constructed as part of a geothermal heating and cooling system. These will be discussed in more detail on the following pages but are summarized below.

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Horizontal Ground Loop
When a property has suitable terrain and is large enough then the most economical construction of the ground loop is a horizontal system. This configuration is never an option in the city as over 1 acre of land is required.

Vertical Ground Loop
When a property does not offer an area large enough to accommodate the requirements of a horizontal loop system then we install a vertically drilling ground loop. Quantum Energy Solutions has refined procedures and developed an expertise for constructing these highly efficient geothermal ground loop systems in Toronto and other surrounding urban areas.

Rock Drilling 
The Muskoka Lakes region offers a unique challenge – we are most often required to drill into granite. On select properties, our crew can provide builders and homeowners with the option of installing a geothermal system. Each year beautiful new homes and cottages are being constructed on this unique terrain that have included geothermal in their overall energy design.

Pond and Lake Loops
Occasionally, we will recommend the use of a pond or lake loop design for the geoexchange system. This requires the construction of rafts that secure loops of HDPE piping and can later be sunk into position. These ‘lake loops’ can either be pre-fabricated or assembled on shore at the site. Once a suitable location is confirmed the ‘rafts’ are sunk to rest on the bottom of the lake or pond.

Heat Pumps
The heat pump is the heart of a geothermal system. In comparison to a conventional heating and cooling system one heat pump replaces two appliances – a furnace and an outdoor AC unit. In a geothermal home there are no furnaces and no outside AC units required.

Most residential heat pumps are used to warm and cool homes through a system of ductwork. There is a second style of heat pump that has been designed to heat water instead of air. They become part of a hydronic floor warming design using warm water circulating through PEX plastic pipes in selected floor areas of the house.

Properly designed geothermal systems can create an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience.

heat pumps do not need to burn fuel to operate. A heat pump only needs a supply of electrical power to heat and cool a home. Heat pumps are highly efficient at using electrical power and maintain excellent climate control within any well built home.

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