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Designing for Net Zero – Highly Energy Efficient Homes

Many factors must be considered when designing a net zero home. An architectural vision need not be compromised by the restraints of building a highly energy efficiency home. Discipline and imagination can and should coexist. We have been fortunate and privileged to participate in the design and construction of some of the first net zero residences to have been build in and around the Toronto area.

Designing a net zero home begins with bold intentions. Design concepts evolve through dialogue and research and in time an appropriate design begins to emerge. A net zero home must incorporate a solar PV system to generate power. There is a profound design synergy between solar energy and geothermal energy. When combined into an integrated renewable energy design they allow for a proven pathway to be followed that will result in the creation of a highly efficient, remarkably comfortable and low maintenance net zero home. 

By definition a home will be considered a net zero home when it generates as much electrical power as it consumes over the course of a year. Our team is experienced in the design and construction of residential renewable energy systems and we are well-positioned to take a leading role in th design and building net zero homes.

We will talk with you about energy modelling. That is a valuable tool that gives us a clear understanding of what the loads and requirements of the design will be.

We will talk about the wide range of solar PV panel designs, their costs and their collection efficiencies.

Quantum Energy Solutions can help develop your design concept using our integrated team of designers, advisors and engineers to produce a smart, workable net zero energy design. Click on the link below and let’s get started. 

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