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Building a Net Zero Home – Renewable Energy Systems

Building a net zero home requires an intelligent design, an optimized energy modelling plan and a commitment by the builder and various contractors to build a well constructed, highly energy efficient home. The application of advanced building science techniques and quality workmanship are critically important to insure the desired outcome is achieved.

After the architectural plans are completed the process of applying for a building permit can begin. Site plan approval (and often a committee of adjustments review) will be required before an application for a building permit can be submitted. Quantum Energy Solutions can assist with this approval process and prepare required supporting documentation. For a proposed net zero home, an application must also be made to the local electrical utility company for permission to connect into the local grid with the intention to net metering. A specially designed electric meter that allows for a two way reconciliation of the power used and generated will be required. Again, we can assist with this application process.

Once a building permit is issued and construction begins then the responsibility for bringing all this design and planning work to fruition must be taken up by the builder and a select group of contractors.

We understand that both creative design and quality workmanship during construction must coexist when the objective for a specific project is to build a new zero home. Understanding and respecting the underlying building science principals of construction is a vital component. It allows for the migration of an intelligent design to be maintained throughout the construction phase of the build.


Over the past few years Quantum Energy Solutions has assembled a highly skilled team of contractors and trades who understand the importance of completing their scope of work at a high level of workmanship using quality materials and in full compliance with the design. No well designed heating and cooling system will function optimally without quality materials and construction.

Quantum Energy Solutions offers a unique, on site training and quality control program that promotes the use of proper building science techniques.

When the goal is to build a net zero home, Quantum Energy Solutions can recommend and manage the work of a variety of skilled contractors to insure that your good intentions and well designed plans are maintained at a high level of execution during the construction of each new home.

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