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Floor Warming Systems for Your Home 

Many of our clients enjoy the comfort of having a radiant floor warming system installed in specific areas of their home. Quantum Energy Solutions often designs these systems as part of an integrated design that may use both forced air and floor warming in combination to provide an excellent comfort level and high energy efficiency within the residence.

What equipment is best to use? A number of factors may determine whether we recommend a boiler or a geothermal heat pump as the heat source. It depends on the client’s preference and requirements.

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A properly designed and installed floor warming system can create a significant improvement in the comfort level of any new custom home. As is true with many other aspects of the overall construction, the system will require a thoughtful design and a quality installation to function well. We have years of experience designing and installing radiant floor heating systems in the GTA and surrounding area. Our installation team uses industry standard PEX (extruded poyethylene) tubing scured onto a high quality polystyrene foam insulation materail. This construction in a basement will achieve a minimum R11 insulation value through the basement slab while creating a warm and comfortble enviroment.

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