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Building Science – HVAC Design Services & Construction

At Quantum Energy Solutions we understand that both creative design and quality workmanship during construction must coexist when the objective for a specific project is to build a net zero home. Understanding and respecting the underlying building science principals of construction is a vital component. It allows for the migration of an intelligent design to be maintained through the construction phase of the build.

Building science, in part, describes techniques and material specifications that have been proven to improve the operating efficiency of completed homes once occupancy begins. We understand that our client’s eventual comfort within the home will be enhanced if workmanship is maintained at a high level. No set of architectural plans nor any well designed heating and cooling system will be fully realized without quality materials and construction.

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Typical net zero designed homes will have a target of 1.5 ACH (air changes per hour) or less. This can be achieved through a diligent construction process using advanced building science techniques. As an example, improvements can be achieved by fabricating a high quality continuous wrap insulation envelope around the new home that will significantly reduce air leakage and ventilation losses. There are many more techniques to increase the eventual energy efficiency of each new home. Our first goal is to offer a complete range of HVAC consulting and design services. Later, when construction is underway we can assist again.

Quantum Energy Solutions can help develop your heating design concept and coordinate an integrated team of designers, advisors and engineers to bring that plan into reality. We manage all relevant aspects of the design / build process. Questions ? Click on the link below.

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