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Net Metering – Solar Energy – Residential Homes

Designing and building a new home with an integrated heating and cooling system using renewable energy (geothermal and solar) can create a situation where homeowners can produce / generate enough electrical power from a rooftop solar PV system to meet the majority of the annual electrical load requirements within their home.

Under ideal circumstances (favourable weather conditions and load requirements) it is even possible to generate an excess of power. The local electrical utility companies are now compelled to “buy back” this extra electrical energy into their distribution grid system. They will also monitor, account for and pay for the purchase of this energy through a process called net metering. Toronto Hydro, Oakville Hydro, Burlington Hydro and Milton Hydro all have different application processes. We’ve worked with them all and can help you navigate through their respective application processes.

Net metering uses a single bidirectional meter that can measure the current flow in both directions. Net metering has been developed as a policy to encourage private homeowners to invest in solar PV rooftop systems as a strategy to reduce their dependence on the electrical utility grid. It’s an investment that will significantly reduce the overall operating cost of your home.

Net metering originated in the United States and has been adopted as a recognized policy in Ontario. This is an ongoing opportunity available to homeowners and is not to be confused with the previously available microFIT (10 kW feed in tariff) program that was previously introduced and subsequently revoked in Ontario.

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Developments within the solar industry have made net metering a viable strategy and the concept aligns well with the use of a geothermal heating and cooling system since the only “fuel” required to operate a geothermal heat pump system is electricity.

Quantum Energy Solutions can model and design residential solar arrays and coordinate the contractors required to take this design plan through to completion during the construction phase of the overall project.

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