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Integrated Solar Systems – Energy Efficient Homes

Collecting and generating electricity from a rooftop or ground mounted solar array will drastically reduce the electric utility bill for all homeowners who make the intial investment to install a system. Typically the system will have a a 10 kW output capacity and will be an important complimentary system when building a highly energy efficient home. The topics “net zero” and “net metering” are often discussion points with clients early in our dialogue.  During concept design Quantum works with homeowners and architects to develop an energy plan that will reflect our client’s needs and goals for their new residence.  This often means integrating a solar PV system into the overall energy design for their new residence.

It is now possible to accurately model and design for various load requirements of each new residence. A solar PV system with net metering  will rank well by energy  modelling standards.  We will explore installing a solar PV system with all new clients as part of the energy design process.

Quantum Energy Solutions has distribution agreements inplace for the supply and installation of several top quality solar panel and solar shingle systems. We confirmed an agreement to install our first solar shingle residential system in south Oakville earlier this year (2021). 

The results of our modelling research will consistently provide information that can be used to optimize material use and reduce material costs. This targeted information is vital when looking to construst highly energy efficient homes.  Rooftop solar PV system are becoming an increasingly common element in the overall design of a highly energy efficient home. When combined with a geothermal heating and cooling system, a new solar PV system will provide another excellent renewable energy source.    

On our projects in the city we may need to consider the shade created by large trees as a possible restriction on the preferred rooftop location or ultimate generating capacity of the system. Orientation of the house is another factor that may dictate certain aspects of the design. For clients building on rural or agricultural land these restrictions are usually eliminated.

Assuming the site conditions are favourable, let’s take it a step farther. As noted above, the combined benefits of employing both solar and geothermal (renewable energy systems) are excellent. Heat pumps are highly efficient and can generate over 4 kW of heating (or cooling ) capacity for every 1 kW of electricity consumed. Those required kilowatts of electricity can easily be collected and supplied by a solar array on site and then efficiently used to run the heat pumps and various other household appliances that consume electricity to operate.


Imagine using the geothermal energy stored in the ground as the only required (renewable) energy source for heating your home and then powering that geothermal system using electricity generated from a (renewable) solar PV system mounted on your roof or out in your back field. Ever thought about living in a house built that way ?  It is entirely possible to build homes that generate as much power as they use on an annual basis (aka – net zero). Quantum is proud to have participated in the design and construction of two of the first certified net zero homes to be built in Toronto and Oakville.  These homes are setting new standards for operating efficiency and environmental stewardship while delivering an exceptionally comfortable indoor environment for the homeowners.

Other clients may be more interested in simply building an energy efficient home but do not require the design to lead to a 100% energy neutral residence. These homes are designed with the intention of functioning as net metered homes. “Net metering” means that an application is made to the local electrical utility provider to enter into a buy / sell agreement. Once permission is granted we arrange for the homeowners to purchase and install a bi-directional meter. On days when the on site production of electricity exceeds household demands all excess power is “sold” back into the electrical grid. On other days power is purchased from the grid.  The net result is an annual reduction in electric bills that often approaches 80 – 90%.

In fairness, this is a simplified description of a rather complex design and build process. Using renewables to build a highly energy efficient home is a fundamental part but it also requires the use of progressive construction techniques, quality material and skilled trades to maintain quality standards while building these houses.

Consider your options. If you want to know more about integrated solar systems complete an evaluation and let’s talk.

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