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Geothermal Rock Drilling at Your Muskoka Cottage 

There is a huge uptrend that sees the construction of new of cottages in Muskoka using geothermal systems created by rock drilling right into the granite surface of the property. Quantum Energy Solutions shares the perspective held by many howeowners and progressive builders that this trend should be encouraging to everyone.

We anticipate that many more of these unique Muskoka properties will be redeveloped over the next few years as beautiful new residences are build on these iconic lots.  We advocate for the use of a renewable, geothermal energy systems on many of these projects.  Often important roles in the functioning of these new residences can be met using renewable energy.

Each year Quantum participates in the design and building of wonderful new homes along the shores of the Muskoka Lakes. These properties are often constructed with generational considerations and a preference towards using renewable and efficient energy designs.

Imagine a place where the sun pours in and where your view allows you to watch the progression of the seasons. Now add to that picture a place indoors that is comfortable all year.

Now the question becomes – how to build your new cottage and create all the indoor comforts we all want to enjoy while being environmentally respectful? Propane is available and remains the common fuel source choice throughout much of the region. Natural gas distribution pipelines are unlikely to ever be built in the area. Propane will continue to be available but it’s use is expensive both economically and environmentally.

Moving forward, for many new homes and cottges the answer is to use rock drilling equipment and install a geothermal ground loop directly into the granite. Did you know the granite rock structure we drill into for our geothermal ground loops in the Muskoka Lakes region is the most thermally conductive rock in all of Canada? This rock is 15% – 20% more efficient at giving up the thermal energy that we need to heat and cool with then the shale (sedimentary rock) and clay materials that we typically encounter when we drill at urban infill installations in Toronto and other locations around southern Ontario.

Geothermal rock drilling for your new cottage may be the best way to go. Renewable and reliable and built to last. Let’s talk.

What does this all really mean ? Well for starters, the current comparable annual costs of operating a conventional propane heating system vs. using a geothermal heating and cooling system for your new home or cottage favours geothermal by about 60% annually. This represents not only a smarter environmental choice but also an ongoing savings that will pay you back in after tax dollars for years and decades to come.

By rock drilling we tap into the available renewable energy from within the rock. Think about it. From concept and design right through into construction and occupancy, you can create a home of distinction that operates efficiently using geothermal energy and in harmony with nature.

We work cooperatively with many builders and architects. When requested, we have highly skilled individuals and trades to offer from within our team of designers, engineers and contractors.

Today Quantum Energy Solutions is an established company with a dedicated and skilled team capable of helping you to design and build that new special place. We have been part of many exceptional projects in the Muskoka area and we plan to be part of many more.

We offer an unparalleled level of quality.
We look forward to hearing more about your project.