Quantum Energy Solutions is a leading provider of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in Southern Ontario

Design / Build – Building Residential Heating Systems

Quantum Energy Solutions is an integrated design / build company with expertise in the construction of residential heating and cooling systems. 

 Our contracting services including :

  • Geothermal ground loop installation
  • Geothermal lake or pond loop installation

  • Geothermal rock drilling (on selected projects in Muskoka Lakes area)

  • Radiant floor warming system installation

  • HVAC contracting for installation of ductwork

  • Indoor pool construction

  • Snowmelt construction

  • Supply of heating equipment (typically heat pumps and boilers)

  • Heating and dehumidification equipment (for indoor pool installations)

  • Hybrid systems (geothermal with natural gas or propane components working in compliment)

  • Solar system installation (on selected projects)

We work with homeowners and builders to assemble a team of skilled contractors and oversee their activities to insure that a high level of workmanship is maintained throughout the construction of the new residence. Our integrated approach allows us to efficiently coordinate the various elements of the overall heating system. We strive to build using standards and techniques that insure the intentions of the heating and cooling design are realized. When engaged in our capacity as project managers we look to integrate all related systems into a well construted customized installation.

As noted earlier, if you are planning to build a new custom home, the best time to connect with us is while you are still in the planning and design stage. We advocate for building designs that specify the use of advanced building techniques that contribute to the construction of highly energy efficient homes. Throughout our process we encourage the appropriate use of  geothermal and solar PV systems. We have experienced geothermal contractors who can install these renewable energy heating systems for urban infill projects where the property may offer only  limited available land.

Our coordinated approach to construction results in homes that are extremely energy and cost efficient to build, operate and maintain.

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