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Net Zero

Design and efficiency improvements in solar panels, inverter and battery storage technology over the past few years have made designing and building a net zero custom home a realistic possibility.

Aside from being practical or possible there are several other criteria which will influence any decision to take the design of any new residence to the level of been net zero in terms of it’s energy consumption and electrical generation capabilities.

These improvements and developments within the solar industry synch up very well with the use of a geothermal heating and cooling system since the only “fuel” required to operate a geothermal system is electricity.

Quantum Energy Solutions can design and coordinate our group of integrated contractors to handle this entire component of the overall construction project. That process starts with a review of the requirements and electrical loads that will need to be met by the system. Load analysis, determinations of the lighting, appliance and general household demands, energy modelling and heat loss calculations all factor into our design considerations. Gaining a proper understanding of what electrical demands will be made on the system while the project is still at the design phase is critically important to insure that the result will be a highly efficient and well balanced integrated system with adequate on site generating capacity to meet the consumption pattern of the new residence.

Once construction begins then the focus shifts to maintaining a high building standard where procedures, materials and workmanship are all closely controlled to insure that the intelligence of the design is not compromised during the construction phase of the project.

If you are a builder, then Quantum Energy Solutions will work cooperatively with your preferred trades and sub-contractors or we can recommend skilled contractors and tradesmen that we know to be cost competitive and experienced at building custom homes to a high standard.

If you are the owner, then Quantum Energy Solutions can offer a full design / build service package where we will work with you to determine the practicality, investment cost and operating savings that wold result from designing and building a Net Zero home.

If you want to get more information or intend to build to a net zero target then please take a few minutes to complete our energy evaluation form.