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Design / Build – Indoor Pools For New Custom Homes

Quantum Energy Solutions is an integrated design / build company offering design and contracting services that often expand beyond the primary heating system to include other specific requirements of the overall heating and cooling system. Our scope of work with some clients may include designing and building an indoor pool.

An indoor pool can provide many hours of exercise and fun but as is true with many other aspects of the overall construction of each new home, the design of each indoor pool system needs to reflect the needs of the homeowners and must be robustly constructed.

The challenge with indoor pools is to control both temperature and humidity within the pool room. Proper humidity control is vital.

Subtle design details involving airflow patterns can insure that air leakage into the rest of the house is avoided. This eliminates the unwanted migration of excess humidity and creates a much healthier indoor environment.

Again, through our network of associated contractors and tradesmen we can incorporate special use features (wine cellars, indoor pool, movie theatre) into the overall HVAC design of any new house.

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We welcome your inquires and questions about our design services.