Quantum Energy Solutions is a leading provider of geothermal heating and cooling systems for new homes in Southern Ontario

About Us

Quantum Energy Solutions is an integrated design / build company with expertise in all areas of residential heating and cooling systems. We are an amalgamation of several independent design and contracting companies with the common interest and goal to offer a complete range of services to homeowners, architects and builders who have an interest in designing and building energy efficient and cost effective heating and cooling systems for new custom homes.

Our origins began over 10 years when Quantum Geothermal Inc. established itself as a geothermal company in southern Ontario. Originally working on both retrofit and new home construction projects, Quantum Geothermal built a respected reputation for constructing reliable, high quality geothermal heating and cooling systems. That work led to an expansion of our typical scope of work when associated services (installation of floor warming systems, ductwork installation and other related contracting work) were added to our range of contracting services.

It soon became evident that this integrated approach would be more complete if a team of qualified HVAC designers were added to the group. This addition allows us to include energy modelling, heating and cooling system design and HVAC permit package preparation to our collective list of available services.

This integrated design / build approach resolves some persistent and troublesome trends that have existed within the construction industry for many years. One concern has often been a lack of coordination and communication between the architect, the builder and construction trades. This often causes a degradation of the intended design which in turn can create inefficiencies, redundancy and poor operating performance of the final heating and cooling system. Without an integrated approach the opportunities for contractor to take short cuts and “modify” the design drawings to suit their personal preference or convenience can seriously compromise the intended design and the eventually operational efficiency of the systems.

Our integrated approach has proven to be especially valuable to (i) architects who are looking to design progressive, energy efficient home designs for their clients, (ii) homeowners who are planning to actively participate in the building their own homes and (iii) to builders who may lack experience with the construction of geothermal and renewable energy systems. With Quantum Energy Solutions these problem and challenges are eliminated. Our team will work with you working from start to finish in our various capacities as consultants, designers, contractors and ultimately as a project manager throughout the relevant stages of the overall design and construction process.

Today Quantum Energy Solutions offers a full range of design and consultation services along with all mechanical contracting services associated with heating and cooling, floor warming and snowmelt systems.

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