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Horizontal Ground Loops  –  For Homes on Larger Properties

The configuration of the geothermal ground loop is determined by the size and topography of the property where it will be constructed. When adequate space is available we often recommend the installation of a horizontal geoexchange ground loop system.

Using heavy machinery, a series of trenches are excavated and continuous loops of geoexchange pipe (CSA 448 approved HDPE pipe) are laid in the bottom of the trenches.

A horizontal ground loop format is commonly used in rural locations since it is the most cost-effective method of installing the pipe. Properly designed and well installed it will deliver many decades of reliable service. Typically the property should have an available area at least 2 acres in size and be relatively flat. We look for a suitable area available near the house that is unobstructed by trees, bush and other ground cover.

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There are also guidelines for offsets from the property lines, septic beds and water wells (where applicable). Marshes and similar environmentally sensitive or protected natural areas on the property will be avoided.

All the geoexchange ground loops installed by Quantum are “closed loop” systems. This means the system is self contained and the fluid inside the piping system will be recirculated over and over again without the need to add or replenish any material. It also means that the system will have no interaction with local aquifers.

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